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Understanding Your Insurance

We accept most insurances and are In-Network Providers with BCBS, United Health Care, Cigna and Aetna. We are not on all plans with these insurance companies; however, the plans we do not participate with we typically just accept the co-pay as payment for your visit and do not bill your insurance. In some cases we may not yet be listed on your insurers list however that does not mean we are not part of it. Give us a call and we will gladly verify your insurance coverage for you.

Today there are so many different types of insurance plans available that if you are not an insurance agent yourself, you might find it confusing to keep up with all the different types of plans that are offered. That's why we would like to take this opportunity to give you a brief understanding of a few major policy types.

Auto Insurance Med Pay/Liability (confirmed)

Used with personal injury and automobile accidents. If you've recently been involved in a auto accident, we will work with your attorney and insurance company on a lien. Litigation cases are accepted on an individual basis. If you have medical payments on your auto insurance policy these claims are typically paid at 100% with no deductible or co-pay. The benefit to having medical payments through your automobile insurance is that the doctor bills are directly through your med pay. Therefore, when your case is settled you don't have to worry about having to pay the doctor bills out of your settlement. Most of the time, your insurance company can be billed directly by the doctor's office.

PPO (Preferred Provider Organization)

PPO's are your traditional fee-for-service or indemnity plans. A PPO has contracts with a selected amount of doctors and hospitals in the community. PPO members can use the doctors and hospitals with in this network or they may go outside the network for care. However the enrollee pays more for going outside of the network. For instance, a PPO might pay 90 percent of the cost for a visit with a doctor with in the network but only 70 percent of a cost for a visit with a doctor outside the network.

POS (Point Of Service Plan)

A POS plan is similar to an HMO in that members are assigned to a primary care physician that is in the POS network. Both PPO and POS members may go out of network for care by paying a greater share of the percentage. Open ended HMO's or PPO plans are designed to encourage the use of the network providers, yet they permit the insured to choose providers outside of the network or plan.

HMO ( Health Maintenance Organization)

An HMO can be recognized as a health plan that provides healthcare to voluntarily enrolled members for a preset amount of money on a per member per month basis. An HMO is made up of two key elements. One that could place at least some of the HMO providers at risk for medical expenses. And one that uses PCP's (primary care physicians) as gatekeepers (not all HMO's do that). If a member seeks specialized care with out a referral form their primary care physician or if a member seeks care form a non participating (out of net work) doctor usually results in no payment for service by the payer organization. There are Staff or closed panel HMO's which means they employ their own doctors and operate their own clinics and hospitals. Another type of HMO allows its enrollees to see doctors in their private offices. This is called IPA (Independent Practice Association).

Insurance Accepted and Payment Plans

Most group policies pay a percentage of care after you meet your deductible. Finances should never stand in the way of people who need our services. For that reason we have never denied anyone the benefits of chiropractic care because of their inability to pay our normal established fees. We have very affordable treatment plans and have flexible payment options where you just pay a monthly fee if you decide to take advantage of one of our discounted care plans. These include individual healthcare financing with zero interest. You pick a monthly budget that you can afford and we'll work out a plan to see that you get the care that you need. So, if you are experiencing a financial hardship, do not have insurance that covers chiropractic care or, if we are not listed as a provider with your insurance company, other arrangements can be made. Discounts are also offered for patients who pre pay for their care in advance.

Credit Policy

Because we run a zero balance practice, we ask that all fees for professional services be paid at the time services are rendered, unless other arrangements have been made in advance. If you have been involved in an auto accident, we will be happy to accept your case on a lien, meaning that we will defer payment until your case is settled. You will be required to sign a lien with our office and instruct your insurance company or attorney to pay our office directly once you case has been settled.

Worker's Compensation

On the job injuries, in most cases, will pay 100% of your care. You must report the injury to your supervisor at your place of employment. If we are not on your employer's panel of physicians, you will need to have your employer call give us written authorization to treat you. We will be happy to assist you and your employer with this process.


This pays for a portion of chiropractic adjustments only. Supplemental insurance may cover other services. Check with our office for more information regarding this.

Acute, Sub-acute, and Rehabilitative Care

This is "sickness care" which is defined as a form of treatment designed to address an obvious symptom, disease, or condition. Accounts can be paid by Cash, check; Visa, MasterCard, or we can file insurance for you.

Wellness and Maintenance Care

The purpose of a wellness plan is to make preventive chiropractic care convenient and affordable for those who have completed sickness care. Wellness care isn't covered by most insurance companies, yet, it continues your progress, prevents a relapse of your original condition, and helps to avoid future health problems- ultimately saving you time and money! Eligibility for Wellness Plans You must be non-symptomatic, meaning having no symptoms, have reached pre-accident or pre-injury status with no outstanding account balance for "sickness" care, and receive an examination. Duluth GA chiropractor Dr. Joseph Hans of Duluth Injury & Rehab Center provides safe, effective chiropractic care and physical therapy for the Duluth GA Georgia and surrounding area residents.

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