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Chiropractor at Duluth Injury & Rehab Center in Duluth, Georgia utilizes a Surface EMG for better patient evaluation.

A Surface EMG is similar to an EKG for the heart. It uses a hand held instrument that are placed over the spinal muscles of the neck and back to identify the exact location of abnormal muscle activity. The benefits of this test is that it is painless, quick. and most importantly, it helps us determine what further evaluations or tests may or may not be necessary! How do you measure up?

What do the Results of my EMG Scan Mean?

Originally developed for use by NASA to measure the effects of zero gravity and fatigue on their astronauts it has recently been shown to correlate with neurological reflexes that occur with injury. For our purposes, we are concerned with dysfunction of the spine either due to injury, abnormal postures and other stress.

The test measures the amount of muscle activity (or inactivity) going on within a particular group of muscles surrounding the spine. If problems are long standing, abnormal muscle fatigue will be present; on the other hand, acute injuries will show up as abnormally strong, denoting overworking or spastic muscles. Spasms typically occur when the muscle has to protect a weakened joint and/or nerve. This is due to the laxity (stretching) that occurs in the damaged ligaments that hold the spine in place. These abnormal patterns in muscle activity can give solid evidence that there may be nerve irritation and subluxations in those areas of muscle dysfunction.

​Once the scan is complete the computer displays the data in a graphical format that is easy to understand for the patient. Interpretation relies on combining the information about both portions of the scan in conjunction with the other tests your doctor performed. This Myovision EMG provides your Chiropractor with objective readings of how the muscles surrounding the spinal segments are working and their imbalances. Using this enable your doctor to provide a more efficient evaluation of your spinal health and the best treatment to properly return the spine and surrounding muscles to proper health; it allows us to correctly outline a customized treatment plan just for you. More importantly, the doctors perform an updated scan after the completion of the initial phase of treatment, in order to analyze how your care has progressed and how the next phase of treatment goals should be tailored to correctly rehabilitate the spine, either through continued chiropractic treatment or through the referral/co-treatment of rehabilitation.

If you have any questions about interpretation of your scan or if you are not currently a practice member and would like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Joseph Hans for a complete evaluation please contact the office at (770) 622-9355. Duluth Injury & Rehab Center is located at 3780 Old Norcross Rd. Suite 301 B Duluth, Georgia 30096