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5-Point Posture Checklist When Working at Your Computer to Avoid Back & Neck Pain

Written By Duluth Injury & Rehab Center on February 7, 2020

Posture Adjustment in Duluth GeorgiaDo you sit at your desk for several hours a day? Then, you may be one of the 263 million Americans who suffer from back problems associated with poor body posture. 

Poor posture can lead to a range of health problems, including lower back pain, headaches, poor balance, and even breathing difficulties. 

Be More Productive With These Proper Sitting Posture Tips 

If you work at a desk daily, follow these essential tips to maintain a good posture:

1. Rest Your Forearms on the Armrests

When seated on your chair, your forearms should rest gently on the armrests so that the chair can support the weight of your arms. Otherwise, you'll be using your upper back muscles, shoulders, and neck to support your heavy arms all day long. 

2. Adjust Your Monitor Screen to Your Face Height 

Many people set their monitors way too low, making them bend their necks to look down at their screens. Since your head's weight doubles for every inch your head tilts downwards, your neck muscles work up to six times harder to hold up your head. 

As a rule of thumb, set your monitor in a position that allows you to easily read the top half of the screen without looking down. 

3. Go Back-to-Back With Your Office Chair 

Avoid slouching by sitting at the end of the chair. Slouching removes back support, which may lead to neck and back pain when sitting for long hours. 

4. Use an Ergonomic Mouse and Keyboard 

Proper computer posture isn't possible without the right equipment. Your keyboard should be nicely contoured and offer a soft resting place for your wrists. 

The mouse should be chunky enough to naturally fit into your hand and move to reflect the natural curves of your forearm. 

5. Place the Monitor Away From You

Your monitor should be at arm’s length away to allow you to see the entire screen without twisting your neck or head too much. 

Correct Your Posture with Chiropractic Adjustments in Duluth

Understanding computer ergonomics can go a long way in preventing back and neck pains. 

If you're already experiencing discomfort from sitting at your desk for long hours, then look no further than Duluth Injury and Rehab Center for natural pain relief. 

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