Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

Physical Therapy & Chiropractic Care in Duluth, GA

At Duluth Injury & Rehab Center in Duluth, GA, we take physical rehabilitation very seriously, in fact, we focus on being the best at it. From the evaluation to the diagnosis and down to all our treatments, you can be certain that you will be getting only the best care available. Give us the opportunity to heal your disabilities and disorders with our unique and all natural approaches in Physiotherapy. Your condition will be thoroughly assessed by the doctor. It will include a comprehensive consultation to review of your medical history, followed by a physical examination. These two elements are crucial in effectively diagnosing your condition. In some cases, we may refer you for additional diagnostic testing in order to clarify your diagnosis and provide additional treatment options. We work in a cooperative fashion with local medical doctors who support our treatment plans, making your case easier to manage.
When you come in, we will then determine the best kind of treatment for you based on our findings. We understand that each patient has very unique needs based on his or her lifestyle. This is where various physiotherapeutic methods are designed and applied. We pride ourselves in employing the latest and most updated techniques available because we realize the field of physical medicine is constantly changing and evolving.
We focus on the rehabilitation of your strength, flexibility, posture and mobility and concentrate on techniques to take your pain and discomfort away. Our physical therapies include the use of electrical muscle stimulation utilized to restore the muscles and ligaments back to normal. Therapeutic ultrasound is also utilized in certain cases to reduce pain and inflammation. Ice packs applied to reduce swelling and inflammation along with other forms of therapies including whole body vibration therapy to improve core strength and posture. In addition, we proved therapeutic exercises to help strengthen weak and injured muscles back to their full capacity ensuring that you don’t have a relapse of your original symptoms. All therapies are supervised by Dr. Hans so you can be certain that your journey towards a better functioning body will be hands-on, safe and effective. Home care instruction will also be given to help you maximize your care and help you get well faster.